Reveals How Thousands of Nonprofits Can Grow Your Business For Free So You Can…

•  Reach New Customers
•  Build a Brand That Everyone Loves to Support
•  Save Time and Reduce Your Marketing Costs


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How Thousands of Non-Profits Can Grow Your Business For Free!

From The Desk Of Daniel Bragg

Westlake Village, Ca

July, 2016

Dear Friend,

The reason I’ve created this guide is because your business might be able to benefit from this free program that get’s your business in front of thousands of new customers, builds goodwill in your community, and reduces your marketing expenses without even lifting a finger!

You can find all the information and FREE OFFER below.

Are You Ready to Simplify Your Marketing?

(So You Can Save Time And Money)


If you’re like most business owners I’m sure you are.

You want to reach more customers, and build a business you can be proud of.  

You’re committed to growing your business so you can make the money needed to provide for your family, create jobs, and support your community.

Unfortunately, typical advertising methods are costly. Some can even negatively affect your brand’s image, plus you don’t have the time to figure it all out.

This can be frustrating and leave you confused.

You’re also concerned.

You’re worried about new competition moving into town, or you might just be new to the community.

Either way you’re looking for an edge so you can compete.

We understand, that’s why we created this 3-Step guide that will simplify your marketing by aligning your business with local churches, schools, and charities who are willing to advertise your business for free.

And when local consumers see that your business supports these organizations, you’ll attract more customers, build a loyal following, and create a buzz about your business.

The following guide shows you exactly how it works…


 How to put 1.4 Million Non-Profits to work for you!


You create an OFFER

A great offer will attract customers, but it should also be profitable for your business. We’ve made it simple so you can create your offer in just 5 minutes.


that our partners PROMOTE

Establishing relationships with every charity, school, and church in your community is difficult and time consuming. You’ll access a turn-key solution that local nonprofits use to advertise your business for free so you can focus on your business.


so you REACH more customers

There are thousands of consumers that hold a special cause near and dear. When they see your business supports them, you’ll reach more customers, build a loyal following, so you can grow your business.

  Why is This Method So Effective?


The biggest obstacle you face is COPYCAT MARKETING.

Everyone is using the same advertising methods, and consumers have learned to ignore them, or throw them in the trash.

You see, just like copying your neighbors test in class, you aren’t getting any smarter. And if you do this in your business you’ll never find that competitive edge.

Breakthroughs come from thinking “outside the box” and bringing new proven, systems in.

If you keep doing what you’ve always done you’ll never get a different result.

The fact is nobody really cares about your social media posts. Most people toss coupons in the trash, and daily deals can hurt your brand and are not profitable.

You see, what get’s your customers ATTENTION, are the things that THEY CARE about.

A charity, church, or school that is important to them will always grab their attention and support.

When they see your business supporting what they are passionate about, your message will travel much further.


Why Would a Nonprofit Do This For My Business!?


Here’s why..


Every year, nonprofits have to do whatever it takes to raise the money they need.

I’m sure you’ve gotten phone calls asking for donations, gift cards, etc… Although you want to help, we agree that it can get a little annoying.

Because of this we set out to create the ultimate platform so local businesses and nonprofits could work together.

(A two-way street if you will…;)

As a result, AngelPass was born.

What is Localicity AngelPass?

AngelPass is a simple way for consumers to save money while supporting their favorite charitable organizations.

AngelPass is an exclusive membership that nonprofits sell to their supporters to raise money.

The exclusive benefits makes it is easier for them to attract more donors, AND bring more customers to your business.

With AngelPass, everyone wins!

 How Will This Benefit Your Business?


Would you like a turn-key marketing solution that will save you time and money?

Do you want local non-profits to send you their donors who are eager to spend and support your business?

Do you want a zero risk program so you can grow your business and improve your goodwill in the community? 

We figured you would. And we’ve extended a free offer so you can get started right away.

 Why are we doing this for free?


I know this may seem too good to be true.

So let me ask you..

Do you have a charity that you hold close to your heart?  Perhaps a local animal shelter, or food bank?

Maybe you have children and you’d like to help support their school?

Perhaps you’d like to support your local church, or temple?

The reason we are extending this too good to be true free offer is because our mission is to help as many businesses and nonprofits as possible.

Unfortunately, we can only extend this offer for a limited time, so please take advantage and get started for free. It only takes 5 minutes!


($2,378 VALUE)









Sign up by August 1, 2016 so you can get your FREE ACCOUNT and the following BONUSES.



We will get your business in front of thousands of non-profits for one full year free. ($180.00 Value)


BONUS 1 – Free website conversion consultation and implementation plan that will increase email sign-ups by 1000% ($999.00 Value)


We will waive the one-time set up fee and do everything for you so you can focus on your business.  ($200.00 Value)


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